5 year old Julian Kiley was abducted from his home where he lived with his aunt – the temporary custodian. He was taken by his mother Tiffany Kiley who does not have custody of her son, and has been described as ‘mentally unstable’ and ‘out of control’ by her sister Stephanie Kiley.

Tiffany was said to have walked into Stephanie’s house without permission, forcefully took Julian from his bedroom and got in a car and then drove away. Surprisingly, nine hours after the abduction Tiffany calls into her court hearing to turn herself in. She claimed to have wanted to bring her son to see doctors, but police officers believe that Tiffany were planning to go to run away to Massachusetts. She will be facing several criminal charges, but the man she was with who was driving the vehicle has not been faced with any criminal charges as of yet.

Cute kid, shame he has to go through stuff like that so early in his life.