The NFL is dead & there are a few reasons why. This has been happening for years now. Some of it is on the field, some of it is social attitudes and some of it is due to the NFL as an entity.

  • Rule changes – The NFL has made the game a lot safer due to the concussion injury issues. This is true. But in doing that, they have taken out the big hits. They have also made the refs gun shy and having to call everything. Not good for the fans that like the big hits. There was a time they made videos FEATURING these sort of hits.


  • Social Attitudes – People were getting pretty fed up with the players as it is. Now that President Donald Trump chimed im about players not standing for the anthem and it is down hill from here. People will not stand for this. Especially the predominantly white crowd that buys the tickets.


  • No Running Backs – Gone are the days of seeing workhorse running backs like Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith and Jerome Bettis. They would get 20-25 carries and were the most used person on the field. Not anymore. This position had been slowly phased out. It’s a passing leaugue and it shows. Running backs barely crack 20 carries a game. Most teams keep a two man backfield as well.


  • Star QBs Go Bye-Bye – Peyton Manning is gone. Brees, Rivers, Big Ben and Brady are next. All the league will have is Rodgers, Ryan and Eli. People have not truly resonated with Cam Newton and Russell Wilson. This will show once these older QBs are gone.


  • Fantasy Football Factor – The league has always thrived on the fact that so many people gambled on the NFL. Well, it tripled with the craziness over fantasy football. Imagine that people once only watched to follow their favorite team. Now people watch to follow 10 fantasy players! This why so many fantasy players bought DirecTV. This has kept eyes glued on the league. Those eyes aren’t as into the novelty of fantasy as much anymore. The league will feel this in 5 years.