There are something like five and a half million car accidents throughout the country each year. That’s over one hundred thousand accidents per state. Studies suggest around 40,000 fatalities result nationally. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that car accidents result in three million injuries nationwide on an annual basis.

If you’re in Florida, chances are you’re calling a respectable personal injury lawyer after the accident. Driving in the state of Florida is like you’re suddenly in another country, some Caribbean island with little in the way of traffic laws. Transport yourself… right on out of here! Drive defensively, but not too slow, or too fast at all. And never use the left lane as the nationally recognized and mandated “passing lane”. Either speed like all get out, swerving and drifting along the gray ribbon as if there weren’t lines painted all over it… or drive slower than necessary anywhere, but make sure you’re in the passing lane the whole time, so no one can get around you.

The National Center for Health Statistics states that “31 million people are injured across (the) country each year that require medical treatment”. 31 million! This is a stampede! Imagine if all of these people require a personal injury attorney. Chances are, most do!

Ah, the plight of the injured in America. We’re not talking self-inflicted accidents, like running off the end of the roof, or stubbing your toe on the running lawn mower blade. Injuries that are your fault aren’t typically ideal scenarios for successful personal injury cases. But for the tragedies that befall us in the outside world, it does provide some comfort knowing we won’t be left high and dry if we’re injured at the fault of another. Plus, if you’re in Florida you’re in pretty good shape because the statute of limitations gives you four years to file a lawsuit. So kick your feet up! Unless you’ve injured your feet, I mean. Then, don’t kick anything.