Robert Stackowitz, a 48 year fugitive and 71 years old is fighting to stay out of prison. He has been living with a secret for most of his adult life which he described as ‘the dumbest thing I have ever done.” Stackowitiz successfully escaped from a Georgia prison in 1968, where he was arrested convicted and sentenced 17 years in prison for armed robbery. After the escape he hid out in a quiet Connecticut town until last week, when U.S. Marshals finally showed up at his door. He told a news correspondent that now he is too old and sick to return to the prison.

“I worked over there for quite a while and one day I left. It’s kind of simple as that,” Stackowitz said. “Somebody gave me a ride to the Atlanta airport and got on a plane and flew home. Well, back then, they didn’t have any terrorist checks.”He assumed the name Robert Gordon and settled in the tiny rural Connecticut town of Sherman, where nobody knew his past.Over 48 years, he lived a quiet life, working at car dealerships, teaching shop at a local high school and repairing boats at his home for friends and neighbors. But he said he knew he’d eventually get caught.

Than what went wrong for him? Well he finally made a mistake by applying for social security benefits, which enabled authorities to track him down and now officials in Georgia want him back, but at this point it is unclear about the future of this case.