Washed up rapper and once legend Eminem had a scathing (he tried) freestyle about your President Donald Trump. Apparently, he was invited to spit, or rather vomit, his shit during the 2017 BET AWARDS. As a hip hop fan since I was 8 years old in 1984, I have followed the music and culture very very closely. I like to think I know a thing or two. I was listening to Bran Nubian when you were listening to Ratt or Poison. I had cassette mix tapes of Eminem freestyling before he caught fire with ‘Role Model’ or ‘My Name Is’. Those days are long and over.

The first thing you are going to notice, besides that he keeps his hoodie on so we don’t see if hair is receding, is some really funny looking dirty white kicks. They look like a cross between Sauconys and Kangaroos. They look bad. Then I noticed that he is wearing black sweat pants. Great look, Marshall. It’s like he rolled out of bed and threw on what was sitting on his Bow-Flex.

The freestyle was complete garbage. Albeit topical and one sided against Trump. He apparently is now a shill for Hillary Clinton. Maybe he likes Bernie Sanders, but we don’t even know who he supported cuz he never said anything till now. During the freestyle he basically chronicles current events from the last year or so as if he had a crash course of watching Don Lemon on CNN.

He starts off with some Pro-Muslim rhymes. He then messes up at the :44 second mark, but rolls with it and rhymes his way out of it. He then lauds Obama as he explains that Trump is gonna bring us into a holocaust as he rides around on his jet. (As if Eminem doesn’t ride around on lear jets with his money…OK) He then blesses us with one of the ONLY clever metaphors calling out Trump, ‘Cuz you don’t got the f*ckin’ nuts..like an empty asylum’ Sadly the next lines were trash. Like this NOT-BANGER :

“Racism is the only thing that he’s fantastic for…cuz that’s how he gets his rocks off cuz he’s orange”

He then shows his support for the NFL calling out Trump for using the league as a smokescreen instead of discussing Puerto Rico or gun control in Nevada. He discusses the lowering of taxes and from there is Hillary shill job kicks in by saying :

“Same sh*t that he (Trump) tormented Hillary for and he slandered.”

We then get a quick run down of recent topics like, a Steve Bannon shout out, a tiki torch mention, support for the Klan, our deplorable American past, back to the NFL dilemma, and even an off hand John McCain reference.

It then has its most pathetic moment as the freestyle is dedicated by Em to Colin Kaepernick, as he ‘balls a fist in the air’ stating, ‘This is for Colin’ (Awwww, so sweet. You wrote a poem for your favorite shitty quarterback) We then get where Em talks about Trumps border wall proposal in what I will assume is a ‘redneck accent’, clearly mocking Southern white folks. (racist)

As it is wrapping up, and at this point I’m thanking God it’s almost over, cuz it is absolutely cringe worthy, he talks about throwing Trump violently against the border wall he wants to build. In its wonderful finale he draws a line in the sand for his fans that also support Trump. Your’e either for or against, he says. He then tells his Trump loving fans, ‘F*ck You’ as he gives the bird. It ends with a message stating that we love our military, and we love our country (while he has a black power fist balled in the air).

The media is drooling all over this. What they are really doing is drooling over the idea and subject matter of going at Donald Trump. There is no way on God’s green Earth that that the media is all giddy over this for how good the freestyle is. I found it embarrassing, personally. I used to like Eminem. Not obsessed with him, but he was once of the best. He is far from that now. One thing that I found that all of the media is conveniently leaving out, is that Eminem is about to drop new material. So what a great PR stunt. Call out Trump on a prime time awards show.

Pretty smart Marshall. Pretty, pretty, pretty smart. Just know that people like me, who aren’t the sheep or lemmings that follow you any longer, know the real deal. You sold your soul for riches and with that you are now illuminated. And you bet your ass that we know who you are now, brah. You are a sell out, shill, confused, late to the party SJW. You already got your street cred from black folks, dude. You can stop trying to make black people love you. You are 6 years from FIFTY!!!!! You can pump the brakes. What a complete and total joke.

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