I'm telling you she was asking for it!!!


He now faces 16 years to life in a jail cell. Shelley Malil found his girlfriend, Kendra Beebe, with another man on the front patio of her home, went berserk and cut, slashed, and stabbed her nearly 20 times on her face, neck and torso. The brutal attack nearly killed Beebe, though she did recover. Malil’s attorney, Matthew Roberts stated that there was no question Malil went too far, but their evidence showed Beebe as a violent drama queen who manipulated men and loved to make them jealous. This horrifying event seems to have been the icing on the cake in a string of incidents in the couple’s history, and with Malil now facing serious jail time this will hopefully be the last. The actor will remain in the San Diego County jail without bond until his sentencing hearing on November 18.