Richard Lippner, now a top Florida real estate investor, has always had a passion for real estate. His career background included banking, investment, and financial consulting. He is a Florida State University alumnus.

Mr Lippner has worked for a financial consulting company for several years, watching real estate investing by others along his career. Richard was impressed with how well they were doing in their investments.

One day he decided to take a leap of faith and partnering with one of his clients invested in his first residential property. Of course his first investment was not that big. It was barely over $15,000. However, Richard Lippner quickly realized that this is his thing. He wanted to do this seriously, as his main venue of business.

Richard quit his job and started a small business in real estate investment. Of course, with his background in investment consulting, banking and finances, Richard Lippner had advantages, but this was still a new field for him and he did tremendously well as a novice.

By his early 30’s, Richard Lippner has already become a young millionaire with equity ownership in numerous residential and commercial properties. He owns several properties himself and he is also a passionate collector of exotic cars. In his garage he’s got over 20 different cars from different years of manufacturing.

He is a great fan of Italian school and owns quite a few Mazeratti’s and Ferrari’s. Richard Lippner is fascinated by the craftsmanship of these two brands. A perfectionist himself, he can appreciate an ingenious piece of work by others. Richard Lippner is also a great admirer of an entrepreneur and innovator, Elon Musk, who was behind the creation of the first fully electric sports car – Tesla.

Richard Lippner is a music fan, he holds a karate Black Belt, and enjoys skiing, water sports, and cycling. He has a passion for travel and has been to over 15 countries.