In choosing a criminal defense attorney, the most important things to look at are education, experience and philosophy. Gary Ostrow, a criminal defense attorney working in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is an outstanding candidate in all of these three categories.

Gary Ostrow got his Bachelor’s degree at the South Florida State University and his LLM from Nova Southeastern University. He fell in love with law school the moment he walked through its doors. He was in he top 5% of the students in his law school. And he was also on the football team as a captain.

Gary Ostrow says that the life of a lawyer is hard work. It’s late night work, sometimes all night work. For Ostrow, no case is small. He treats each case as if it were the most important in his life.

With over 30 years of experience, death penalty sentence cases, murder defense cases, domestic violence cases, he is one of the best in Fort Lauderdale and in South Florida.

Death penalty cases are the most challenging and they change your life forever, says Ostrow. He says that each case like that shortens your life, because you constantly worry if you make the right decision.

For Gary Ostrow, his work is doing God’s job on earth. His first mentor taught him to love the law and see the beauty in the legal system. This philosophy has guided him throughout his long and challenging career.

Ostrow is a murder defense attorney, domestic violence attorney, drug possession, burglary, sex assault, internet crimes and white collar crimes attorney. He uses his technical knowledge of the law to win his cases. He also finds time to write numerous articles on the legal topics.