I just wanted to shed a little light on this subject because I was reading about the death of surfer star Andy Irons.  Depending on where you are reading, he either died of internal illness or prescription drugs.  Either way, this is the story you hear time and time again– young, successful, and died of a prescription drug overdose. They say the good ones always die young, but it seems they are all dying of prescription pill overdoses, as well.  

It disturbs me, and I always feel like the ‘lame’ one when I’m preaching to my own friends about the dangers of prescription drugs. I feel like all these people overdosing have perhaps served some sort of unfortunate purpose–to show today’s youth how extremely terrifying prescription pills are when used recreationally and not touch them for “fun reasons”. Unfortunately, it seems the opposite has happened. You tell a kid not to do something, and they will do it ten fold. These pills are on an all time record abuse high for Florida.  

All across the world, the United States and especially here in South Florida, deaths due to these medications constantly pop up everywhere — maybe even in your friend group. But don’t brush it off as just the ‘party kids’. Doctors, pilots,  lawyers, house wives, athletes, professionals, teachers etc. are all together as part of this growing epidemic. One in three people here in the South Florida area alone have admitted to at least one time using prescription drugs to get high without medical need for it. According to The Community Epidemiology Work Group (a sub group of The National Institute of Drug Abuse) prescription pill abuse is running rampant in South Florida.  

South Florida prescription opiate use is escalating and alprazolam is “out of control.” The abuse of these medications has caused the greatest number of drug-induced and drug-related deaths locally and across Florida.  

Not just that, Broward County and Palm Beach County have more overdoses due to prescription pills then any other county in Florida. That is crazy, wake up people! A high is not worth dying over. And not just that, mixing these drugs together is almost a sure fire way to sign your death sentence. If you think it can’t happen to you, think again. It can happen to anybody who abuses and mixes these chemicals.  

Think about chemistry, and how when you mix two things together you could create a new compound. Well that’s exactly whats happening inside your body when you mix prescription drugs. We are known nationwide as the state with the most medication abuse across the board.  Hopefully this serves as a small wake up call to South Florida.  

Each pill color coresponds to a different pill, and each pill equals ONE MILLION PILLS consumed.