Ayanah Langsett is an incredible chemist and a well-rounded woman. Ayanah started her career in chemistry as a teacher as she felt that her calling was to apply her knowledge of science in real life to people. And now, Mrs Langsett is ready to move on to a new level – to pharmaceutical sales.

Ayanah Langsett has a profound knowledge in the field of chemistry. She comes from a generation of chemistry teachers that studied their specific field in depth prior to going off to teach someone.

Nowadays, a photography major or a psychology major can get a second subject in science and go on to teach chemistry later on. Deficit of specialists in individual fields leads to lack of expert teachers. But how can you expect children to be inspired by a subject if the teacher is just one level above his students.

Well, Ayanah Langsett is different. She studied specific chemistry at University of Florida and with the level of expertise acquired, she could very well be working at some advanced pharmaceutical company lab making discoveries and innovations on a daily basis. But she loves people, loves working with them and serving them. So in order to feel happy and fulfilled, Ayanah decided to get a job that would let her combine her love for chemistry and people. She went to study chemistry.

Ayanah Langsett is now considering a major career change. She wants to conquer a completely new field to her – pharmaceuticals. Mrs Langsett has stayed on top of scientific research throughout the years and knows about all recent discoveries made in chemistry. She wants to work in this exciting field, at the frontier where innovations and breakthroughs are part of every day work.

We believe that Ayanah Langsett’s experience in the field of chemistry and her love to people, which she demonstrated in her work of teaching, will guarantee her smooth transition to a new field. There is no doubt that Ayanah will be as successful in pharmaceutical sales as she was in her career as a chemistry teacher.