23andMe.Com DNA Genetic Testing. 23 Pairs of Chromosomes. One Unique You.

You are made of cells and the cells in your body have 23 pairs of chromosomes. Your chromosomes are made of DNA, which can tell you a lot about you. Explore your 23 pairs today.

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It is a very simple process. They will mail you a test tube that you fill with saliva. From there you mail the sample back in their prepaid package. Your DNA analysis is performed in US laboratories that are certified to meet CLIA standards—the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988. A CLIA-certified lab must meet certain quality standards, including qualifications for individuals who perform the test and other standards that ensure the accuracy and reliability of results.They use leading technology to genotype your DNA—a custom Illumina HumanOmniExpress-24 format chip.

These reports include Variants from genetic background, to health and unique traits. I was pretty astonished to find out that I was 99.5% European and .5% Asian. What? I am a tall, white male with no Asian markers whatsoever. How did this happen? Genghis Kahn would be my best guess.

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They are not just a genetic lab test or an ancestry service. They are an experience that lets you explore your genetics throughout your life. From a genetic snapshot of your health and ancestry to ongoing reports and research, everyone learns something different. As the field of genetics advances, they will be there to make the latest technology accessible to you.

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They hear from thousands of customers around the world who write in to tell them about their 23andMe experience—and the impact it has had on their life. Mine was quite substantial, especially because my mother is crazy about studying our family tree. Now I just showed her a glimpse a little further back in time than any historical records could have shown.

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I highly recommend this service.


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