2316 SW 23rd Cranbrook Drive, Boynton Beach Florida, 33436.

This home failed inspection and is uninsurable as of June 22, 2017.

The home at 2316 SW 23rd Cranbrook Drive, Boynton Beach Florida, 33436: Was as I last saw it, an unfinished renovation missing many key parts. As well as having other key pieces of the home not updated since its original construction in 1980 over 37 years ago. An offer was recently made on this home after a recent showing. The owner’s were not willing to negotiate much, stating during negotiation, that the house was a great value because of square footage, pool, and recent comps in the neighborhood. However after pricing the repairs around the home it became obvious that the numbers did not match the sellers claims or expectations of sale price. It is also questionable as to whether or not the house has the square footage claimed by the owner. Which would drastically affect the house price if were proved to be inaccurate.

Problems with the home on 2316 SW 23rd Cranbrook Dr. Boynton Beach are legion and as follows:

  1. The home is missing floors in the bedrooms and hallways. The concrete below where the floors should be is cracked and uneven.
  2. The electric panel is old and uninsurable it needs to be fully replaced with all new fuses and a new fuse box.
  3. There is exposed wiring in the attic, exposed wiring by the pool pump, and a general mess of wiring around the outside pool equipment.
  4. The bathrooms are old and very out of date. They are also very short for a normal person. It would seem the previous owner was possibly handicapped.
  5. There is termite damage in parts of the wood beams on the front of the home.
  6. There is no washer or dryer in the home.
  7. The master bedroom closets are unfinished in the home and have an unusual closet inside a closet set up.
  8. Some of the guest windows are missing the proper glass. Seems someone added the type of glass you put on top of an end table instead of window glass as a replacement solution.
  9. Sliding glass doors are held together by a bungee cord and do not lock or close properly.
  10. Tiles are missing on the outside steps to the pool from the kitchen.
  11. Tile in the garage is ungrouted on one side.
  12. Concrete by the pool is cracked in multiple places. Concrete is also unfinished by the pool fence all the way around the entire pool.
  13. A full wall of sockets does not work in the dining room.
  14. Ceilings in multiple places had huge repairs and were pop corned over to cover giant wet spots from the leaks. If you look close you can see a huge repair job of this type in one of the guest room ceilings.
  15. Gutters are leaking and broken in multiple places.
  16. There are no screens on any doors or windows in the entire house.
  17. The roof is leaking in six places, and has a huge crack in another. The roof air vent has tons of mold growing all over it where the water escaped to the ground after it leaked through the roof. Owners tried to cover up the leaks by painting the roof with a sealer, then they removed the light bulb from the attic crawl space so you can’t see the water damage.
  18. Air conditioner is very old and needs to be replaced.
  19. Water heater is very old and needs to be replaced.
  20. Pool pump is very old, and very loud, it also needs to be replaced.

There is a downloadable PDF of my inspection for the home at 2316 SW 23rd Cranbrook Drive, Boynton Beach Florida, 33436 below this paragraph. It cost me over $600 to have it done. You can save yourself the hassle and money by checking it out before you go look at the home. This way you can make sure the sellers have made the proper upgrades and you’re not getting screwed into buying a major fixer upper at full market value. Even if they have made the repairs on this home, I would still get your own inspection before buying this house. This house is a serious remodeling project, that the owner bought for pennies during the housing market crash. Lord knows what condition it was in when he got it. If you look on Google Maps, the pool was literally an algae pond, so the home was abandoned at some point. I have included a gallery of some of the issues with the home below the PDF of the inspection. So you can see the issues first hand that the inspectors found when they went through the house. If your lucky enough to get a fair price on this home, then after being fixed up it will likely make a great residence.

Downloadable PDF of Home Inspection For:

2316 SW 23rd Cranbrook Drive, Boynton Beach, FL 33436

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