I must have been living in a cave all my life because this is the first year I have heard about the FIFA World Cup, aka SoccerFutbol World Cup. It’s probably just my lack of interest in soccer, but with all the hype I had to check this out. Turns out, this shit is serious.  I mean, people crying and getting into fistfights, serious. I can’t imagine why though. Maybe it is because of all the blood and sweat that all the men’s national soccer teams have shed for the past THREE years just to become part of the field of 32 at this year’s World Cup.  Can you imagine NFL teams only going to the Superbowl every four years?

More so, the World Cup is the most highly anticipated sporting event worldwide since its origin in 1930 (except in 1942 and 1946 due to WWII).  In 2006, the World Cup Final in Germany had an estimated 715.1 million people watching (FIFA.com), which makes it the most watched sporting event ever.

Roughly two hundred national teams have competed to qualify at the 18 World Cups held to date.  Of these teams, only seven nations have won the FIFA World Cup Trophy.  Brazil holds the record with the most Cup wins ever with five.  Italy, behind Brazil with four Cup wins and the current Cup Champions are viewed with Brazil as one of this year’s Cup favorites. Unfortunately, the Stars and Stripes have yet to get a taste of World Cup “gold”, but we did come close in 1930 when we took third.  This is the only time in World Cup history that the Yanks have placed in the top four.  America has its best team to date, but getting out of their group would be considered a good effort this time around.

The championship game will be on July 11, so make sure you paint your face, find a really cool bar, and go make a complete fool of yourself.  Remember, it only comes around every four years.