Since 1950, Motor Trend magazine’s Car of the Year® has been held as a top honor in the automotive industry and has often served as a boon for the company who manufactures the current years’ winner.

The 2010 Ford Fusion, which has been extensively redesigned, takes top honors for what Motor Trend describes as a “better, smarter, nicer, comfier, and greener car than its predecessor”, besting 23 competitors including BMW’s 7 Series, Mercedes Benz E-Class Coupe, and the Porche Panamera.  With industry-wide sales down 26%, Ford, whose sales growth for the past 12 months has been down 15.20%, could see a spike in sales moving into the new year.  2010 Ford Fusion, MOTOR TREND's Car of the Year®

The 2010 Fusion is currently one of America’s Top 10-selling cars and is the #1 selling domestic vehicle, causing stock analysts to encourage investors to hold Ford stock. Motor Trend comments that “Ford has proven its resilience in these tough times by delivering to market a car with broad appeal to a broad range of consumers.”

The Fusion, with its four cylinder engine and six speed manual transmission is described as a highly fuel efficient hybrid with a new selection of gas-powered engines, all delivering more horsepower along with Blind Spot Information Systems (BSIS™).

New criteria has been added for this years panel judges and included for the first time were categories in Design Advancement, Engineering Excellence,  Intended Function, Efficiency, Safety and Value.  Overall, the Ford Fusion was deemed the “clear winner” by Motor Trend analysts.  With a starting MSRP of $19,620, the Ford Fusion offers a fun design, fuel efficiency, eco-friendly hybrid options and hot technology at a reasonable, award-winning price.

C.A. Conover~