Hostage taker and disgruntled ex-policeman Rolando Mendoza talks with negotiators. – MANILA, Philippines — A 12-hour hostage drama aboard a hijacked Philippine bus ended in bloodshed Monday when an angry ex-policeman named Rolando Mendoza, demanding his job back, gunned down eight Hong Kong tourists before police stormed the vehicle. The stand off finally culminated when a sniper brought Mendoza down, killing him and ending the terrifying incident.  

At least seven captives survived, four of whom were seen crawling out the back door of the bus after Philippine police stormed it Monday evening when the hostage-taker started shooting at the 15 Chinese tourists inside, said police Senior Superintendent Nelson Yabut. – The standoff began earlier in the day when Mendoza, a 55-year-old dismissed police officer, seized the bus armed with an M16 rifle, demanding to be reinstated on the force.  

Mendoza was among five officers charged with robbery and extortion after a Manila hotel chef filed a complaint alleging the policemen falsely accused him of using drugs to extort money, according to 2008 newspaper reports. The gunman released nine hostages in the afternoon, denying the allegations against him. In a live interview with a local radio station, Mendoza threatened to kill the remaining 15 captives unless he got his job back.  

“I can see there are many SWAT teams arriving; they are all around,” Mendoza said in Tagalog. “I know they will kill me, I’m telling them to leave because anytime I will do the same here.”  

As night closed in, negotiators lost hope of a peaceful conclusion to the standoff. Finally, police said, commandoes stormed the bus after they saw Mendoza open fire on the hostages as the bus driver jumped out a window, fleeing in panic. Earlier in the night, policemen arrested a brother of the hostage-taker, Gregorio Mendoza. He had reportedly been dispatched to convince the suspect to surrender but was later accused of instigating his brother, according to Director Leocadio Santiago, chief of police forces in the National Capital Region.prma  


So these first two videos are in full.  Run the first one then the second.. It’s pretty dramatic…  


Action starts at around the 2.10 minute mark. Shots fired, people dying. It’s pretty intense.   


Here we see hostage taker Rolando Mendoza mortally wounded and hanging out of the bus entrance.