Ross Mandell in July 2009

Comparable to the recent Ponzi wannabes Madoff and Rothstein, South Florida resident Ross Mandell is soon to be coming out of the woodwork. In July of 2009, the former Wall Street trader was arrested by the FBI in regards to his masterminding of a $140 million boiler-room scheme that stretched from Brooklyn to the United Kingdom.   

Mandell is accused of bribing brokers and pushing investors to innervate a sterile stock in his Sky Capital Holdings that went on for an entire eight years.  During this time, prosecutors say that the scheme’s profits were used to pay off previous lost investments to customers, and secret back-door payments considered as loans were compensated to brokers for their cold-calling exposés.

Now, out of jail on a $5 million bond and an unknown future with the possibility of facing life in prison, Ross Mandell is ready to lay it all out on the table with his new reality TV show. The show will feature Ross with his wife and two daughters as they live day-to-day with the fear of not knowing what tomorrow may bring. Viewers will be able to see the legal process that Ross will endure and the struggles that his family is sure to face. Below you will find the promo clip of the show and what we can expect of more to come.prma