When was the first time you ever hold a real gun in your hand? In what state of mind are people usually in while holding a gun? Anxious, scared, uneasy? The eleven year old Chris from Talladega, Alabama shoot a robber who broke into his house with a 9mm handgun.

He was home alone when he heard a noise that alerted him. The intruder came from the front door and as he tried to make his escape, Chris’ final bullet got him in the leg. “He started crying like a little baby.” Chris said to the media proudly. The intruder didn’t believe that Chris was pointing a real gun at him, he just kept on walking until Chris shot him.

The name of the suspect is still classified, but according to Chris’ family, this man broke into the house before. “I hope you learned your lesson for coming to this house trying to steal stuff.” Chris made his remarks. Wow.