Criminals who committed unforgivable and hideous crimes mainly involving taking a person’s life are sent to a death sentence in most countries. If we were to follow those criminals in their last day, we would find out that they have the right to one last meal before they see the world for the last time.

There are many criminals who request large feasts for the very last meal such as two pizzas, bucket of chicken, beef steak, two dozens of steamed mussel, pumpkin pie with strawberry slices, a pound of fried shrimp, and thirty two ounces of root beer. While there are others who preferr something as simple as two scoops of ice cream.

Even though prisons are granting most last meal wishes, Dough Stephener will never get to have his last meal. He was sentenced to death in 2008 as a pedophile who committed several rapes and acts of cannibalism with children in his neighborhood.

His last request is by far was the craziest ever; he requested for a little boy for his last meal. The Texas Department of Corrections never took the request into consideration. Not even for a second.