All movies make mistakes. Some make huge story mistakes and some movies make some accidents between scenes and flashes. Looper covers 10 mistake that are lurking in the Batman movies and we will examine if they are super bad mistakes or just mistakes that don’t really matter too much. Looper covers all the movies going all the way back to Michael Keaton’s days as batman with Jack Nicholson as the Joker. In one scene a henchman smacks red paint over a painting but in the next scene the paint is gone.

Another mistake that occurs is when the Joker falls to the ground and dies his blood on his face is completely gone. When catwoman leaves her apartment she leaves a mess with a milk carton on the counter. When she returns it magically disappeared. Batman typically wore eye make up to make his eyes darker. But when he removes his mask for Catwoman his make up disappears so he doesn’t look weird.