Someone who obviously attends  Virginia Commonwealth University has a chance to become $49,990 richer if the upstart Rams can continue their improbable run at a national title and win the whole damn thing next weekend. The unknown Nostradamus of college basketball threw down a $10 bet at the Las Vegas Hilton’s sportsbook earlier in the year when the odds were at a whopping 5000-1! Hilton book manager  Jay Kornegay is pretending to be nervous about losing the casino’s couch cushion money by telling, “I can’t say I’m comfortable.” Give it a rest Jay. With all the major programs dropping like flies in this year’s tourney, I’m pretty sure the casino will take the millions in profit they raked in over the past month and gladly pay the $50,000 for the publicity. I’m rooting for this dude so he can upgrade from the Natty Ice cans and move up to some Miller Light bottles. Here’s to ditching the Ramen Noodles, it’s Kraft Easy Mac all day baby!!