The Prankster King, Roman Atwood, set the prank up by telling his girlfriend they should get this new quad for their son and she was like ok great. When she showed up with the truck and check, everything seemed fine. The kid was smiling, she was happy but thats when Roman cranked up the heat! It’s really a remote controlled quad with a blow up kid dressed as his son. Watch the reaction of Mommy from the prankster king.

Iran Test Fires Missile
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Hi my name is Josh Rossman, straight outta Long Island, New York. Moved to South Florida 20 years ago and don't miss the cold one bit. Got the nickname Fishman because I service and maintain salt and fresh water aquariums. I'm a Floridia driver with a New York attitude, so back off. I like boating, fishing, water sports, partying, watching and playing hockey.


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