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Teen Tobacco Use Is Down In New York

There is some good news coming out when it comes to teens and smoking. The New York State Department Of Health is saying that the...

MLB Contemplates Banning Chewing Tobacco

Baseball without chewing tobacco? Sounds weird, right? Well, it may be happening.

CVS To Stop Selling Tabacco in October

CVS Caremark Corp said on Wednesday that it would stop selling tobacco products at its 7,600 stores by October, becoming the first U.S. drugstore...

Peace Pipe Fort Lauderdale: Stop by and Say Hi!

  Peace Pipe in Fort Lauderdale has everything you need for gifts!!! With a large assortment of gifts and collectibles for everyone, stop by this...

FDA’s New Ciggy Butts

What the FDA ruled upon in 2009 was the implementation of large, graphic, pictoral warning labels for cigarette packs, which would consume 50% of the...

Smoking Kills Sperm Count

Two new studies provide evidence that smoking can harm sperm - both in smoking men who may become fathers and in sons born to...