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‘Feels Like Summer’ New Single From WEEZER

Weezer was formed in 1992 in the city of Los Angles. They have pit out numerous hit single and great albums over the last...

Baby Cries Tears Of Joy When Mom Sings

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/embed/video/1057780.html If this just doesn't melt your heart then you have no feelings! Just kidding but seriously this is just the cutest! A mother starts singing...

90 Year Old Woman Does A Strip Tease On America’s Got Talent

If you are 90 years old you can pretty much get away with anything, legally of course. Dorothy Williams is a happy and talented 90...

Christina Aguilera Shows How Amazing Her Voice Is On The Ellen Show

Singer Christina Aguilera has an amazing voice and there is no arguing that, but in this clip from The Ellen DeGeneres Show she absolutely...

Ariana Grande Singing ‘Dangerous Woman’ A Cappella Is Mesmerizing

Ariana Grande can sing man! Did you catch her on Saturday Night Live when she did a skit on impersonating famous singers? She was...

PSY Has A New Music Video Out And It Is Weird

PSY is the guy that came out with the hit song 'Gangnam Style'. It became an international sensation and he made appearances on every...

TV Girl – Birds Don’t Sing

New funky tunes for your Fourth of July weekend.

Guns And Roses Says The Hell With Axl

Guns and Roses didn't let Axl Rose's Rock n Roll Hall of Fame antics ruin their good time, and instead went ahead and performed all...

Barack Obama Can’t Stop Singing

With those pipes why would he?! http://cdnapi.kaltura.com/index.php/kwidget/wid/0_by10e0m5/uiconf_id/6740162

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