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The New Theories on Dark Matter Are Like Whoa

Is there an entire Dark Matter universe all around us that we just can't feel or see? It looks like that may be the case,...

Scientists Have Discovered a Totally Bizarre Ant Colony inside a Nuclear Bunker

A highly unusual ant colony in Poland has been documented in a recently published study at Science Daily. The population lives in an old...

Scientists Await ‘Baby Dragon’ Hatchlings in Slovenian Cave

Scientists await for the hetching of a creature resembling a dragon in a Slovenian underground cave. This creature is a prototype for mythoogical dragons...

Presenting The First Ever IVF Puppies!

Scientists create the world's first litter of puppies through  in vitro fertilization.

The Very Curious Life of a Mars Rover

Really cool background information and images from the Mars Rovers.

GET WISE: What Makes the Awesome Smell After the Rain Falls

Learn something new everyday that's my motto!

Scientists Measure the Speed of A Black Hole

Scientists Measure the Speed of A Black Hole for the First Time in History

Oxford Researchers Say Marijuana Makes Pain More Bearable

Using brain imaging, researchers found that the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis reduced activity in a part of the brain linked to emotional aspects of...