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SNL Weekend Update – Failed North Korean Missile Launch

If you don't like the Weekend Update then there is something seriously wrong with you! It's like the original Daily Show, only weekly. This...

Here is Why You Don’t Bring a Rifle to a Tank Fight

Guy fires a rifle at a U.S. Tank, promptly gets barbecued like a burger on the 4th. Not sure if that was some sort...

U.S. Navy Tomahawk Missile Testing

You have to give it to the United States Military they are no joke.

North Korea Fires “Cutting Edge Missile”

After recent threats to the U.S. North Korea decided to have a missile test to show their might.

German Intel Says MH17 Was Shot Down by The Russians

Boy oh boy, Russia sure does love dancing dangerously close to the World War 3 line. New German intelligence says they have proof Russian...

SAA Tank Taken Out by Al Nusra Fighter Jet

Damn! War is no joke...

Here is Why I’m Not Afraid of North Korea

Just look how their generals dress? They look like girl scouts! I can't be scared of any country that has this many merit badges....