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Donald Trump Calls Obama To Talk About Microwaves

President Donald Trump calls former President Barack Obama to talk about spying, microwaves, and of course consumer confidence. Ease drop on more presidential conversations...

Jake Tapper and Kellyanne Conway – SNL

Probably the funniest Kellyanne Conway skit Saturday Night Live has done yet. In it Jake Tapper kicks Kellyanne off the news, but comes home...

President Donald Trump Calls Obama

Donald Trump has been making some secret phone calls to Barack Obama recently. Team Coco got a hold of some of them and posted...

The Daily Show – President Trump Tangles with Foreign Leaders

The Daily Show has been on point lately! In this clip, Trevor Noah from the Daily Show lays into Trump for his disastrous week of...

Skeeve Bannon

The internet has a new name for Donald Trump's favorite cabinet member. A name so good it could only come from the bowels of...

Jon Stewart Reads Trump’s Next Executive Orders

Jon Stewart and Stephan Colbert get back together to clown Donald Trump and his executive orders like only they can. God I miss these...

The Best “Alternate Facts” and “Spicer Facts” Memes

The best Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway, and Sean Spicer "alternate facts" or "Spicer facts" memes and jokes on the web today. Really have to...

Donald Trump Golden Shower Gate Memes

The authorities are afraid to say it because of the implication and the potential that it would weaken our democracy more than it would...

Intenet is Making Donald Trump a Drumpf Again

Donald Trump's Last name means many things to many people. John Oliver; the Last Week Tonight host chose to cover other elections rather than...

When Pranks in the Hood Go Wrong!

LMAO! These guys are freaking idiots. What a dumb idea, pranking people in the hood, you know whats going to happen before you even...

SNL’s Weekend Update!

Colin Jost and Michael Che take on the news of the day, in this past weeks Weekend Update! #SNL Topics include: the GOP debate, Bernie...

Whitney Cummings is very Funny!

Whitney Cummings is an American comedian and actress. She is best known as the creator and star of the NBC sitcom Whitney, as well...

Tree Falls Wrong Way

If you need to take a tree on your property down, do yourself a favor and contact a professional! This guy thought that by...

Dawn Meikle Arrested For Attacking Husband

Dawn Meikle Arrested For Attacking Husband In Port St Lucie, Florida Dawn Meikle is arrested for attacking her husband because he was passing gas in...

Canada Man Got Cited For Texting

A Canada man was given a  heavy fine for texting on his mobile phone while waiting for his coffee at Tim Hortons drive thru. Now...

Yo MTV, Gloversville Raps!

Is this song about me? Small town America, big time dreams? Maybe! I don't know what I love most about this guys live concert in...

Kylie Jenner… Porn Star?

We are going to be seeing a lot more of Kylie Jenner and it's not because of club appearances. It will be XXX porn...

Linda Blank From Douglas, Georgia Gets Arrested

Police arrest Linda Blank for theft and probation violation. When the officers tried to arrest her she tries swallowing crack cocaine, but has no...

Dirt Skateboarding

You want to see something wild and crazy check out dirt skateboarding.

Two Customers Get In To A Fist Fight At A Publix Deli Counter

Watch as two guys get into a fist fight at a publix deli counter.

Forrest Gump Scene With Beat Box Edit

Someone edited a Forrest Gump scene to some good old beat boxing and its amazing!!!

The Best Pics on the Web Today [50+]

The most intriguing, sexy, and mind-blowing pics the web has to offer! Slightly nsfw

Stereotypes Via Comic

This comic nails some international stereotypes! Why are Asians all so collective?

Weatherman Erection Blooper

http://www.youtube.com/v/jeL6_cAWeU8?version=3&hl=en_US&rel=0 Tropical Storm John looks like a big one!

This Golden Doodle Knows What he Likes!

http://www.youtube.com/v/Exi0P3tvHiU?version=3&hl=en_US&rel=0 Man, Doodle Man LOVES this chick!! Thank goodness Harry Chronicle isn't a humper! EW!

Holy Dubstep

http://www.youtube.com/v/yowsa7d_MLY?version=3&hl=en_US&rel=0 Pentecostals have some fancy footwork!

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