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Can The United States Vaporize People From Space With This New Laser Gun?

Cool the first Star Wars gun is here! You know they are going to use this to vaporize people from space. ...

U.S. Military Announces New Laser Weapons

OK so pretty soon the military will be just like Star Wars...

The Flaming Lips Give Out 10,000 Laser Pointers at Bonnaroo

What do 10,000 laser pointers look like? Well, they look a little something like this!

Weapons Company Tries Out New Laser on Inmates

Welcome to the future folks; I hope you like it. It's the kind of place where you get arrested for drugs then get thrown...

Quit Smoking Now At Laser Solutions Treatment Center

According to the American Cancer Society, smoking related diseases claim an estimated 480,000 lives each year. Cigarette...