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Real Time With Bill Maher Monologue

Bill reacts to a busy newsweek, including the GOP's failed Obamacare repeal, in his Real Time monologue. Bill Maher goes on to talk about...

Meet “Sesame Street’s” Muppet With Autism Julia

Sesame Street is adding their first puppet with Autism, Julia. “She is going to be so powerful on two fronts,” Sherrie Westin, executive vice...

John Oliver Gives His Take On The Federal Budget

Donald Trump's federal budget plan proposes large funding cuts with largely negative consequences. John Oliver examines the troubling priorities of the new administration. Oliver...

Liberals VS Free Speech

Bill and panelists Andrew Sullivan and former Congressman Barney Frank discuss the confrontation between controversial conservative Charles Murray and students at Middlebury College.

Real Time With Bill Maher: Jake Tapper Interview

CNN's Jake Tapper joins Bill to discuss the state of political journalism in the Age of Trump. Last night on Real Time Bill Maher...

John Oliver Gives His Take On The American Health Care Act

The Republican health care bill could leave many Americans without affordable coverage. Last Week Tonight's catheter cowboy returns to morning cable news to...

John Oliver Destroys Trump’s Obama Wiretapping Tweet

In Sunday's installment of HBO's Last Week Tonight, John Oliver said that the latest barrage of Trump scandals are so outrageous that they...

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver Dalai Lama Interview

Tibetan Buddhists have suffered deep persecution by the Chinese government. John Oliver sits down with the Dalai Lama to discuss China, the conditions...

Trump VS Truth: John Oliver Speaks The Truth

Welcome back John Oliver. Last Week Tonight With John Oliver returned last night after being off for the past few months. Oliver focused on Trump...

Bill Maher Responds To Man Saying Give Trump A Chance

If your a Liberal you love Bill Maher. In tonight's The Messy Truth with Van Jones, Bill Maher tells why it is important to...

John Oliver Weighs in On President-elect Donald Trump

John Oliver really hit the proverbial nail on the head in this week's episode of  Last Week Tonight on HBO. Not only is Donald...

This Guy Nails These Game Of Thrones Character Impersonations

The Game of Thrones probably has one of the biggest fan bases ever in the history of television shows. The show features numerous characters and...

Kit Harington Blabbed About Jon Snow’s Fate to Avoid a Ticket

Game of thrones, the most watched HBO series, has always been under many criticism and theme it has followed. The most recent among that...

John Oliver Calls Out North Dakota on Last Week Tonight

John Olivervideo
North Dakota is a quite area that no one thinks about, but behind the scenes it has become an energy producing super star. Reducing...

Real Time with Bill Maher: I Just Know It’s True

Bill Maher showvideo
Pretty funny new segment on tonight's Real Time with Bill Maher.

The Best Punches of Manny Pacquiao!

Personally, I don't think Floyd Mayweather has a snowballs chance in hell of beating Manny Pacquiao.

Robert Durst May Be Connected to the Disappearance of College Freshman

Police place Durst in the same time and place as missing college freshman Lynne Schulze.

Gerald Posner – God’s Bankers

Now this sounds like a book I would like to read.

Bill Maher: It’s Time to Ban Fraternities

Is it time for America to ban frats forever? Some people say so, one of those people is Bill Maher.

John Oliver Responds to Fan Mail

John Oliver goes over his YouTube channel's comments.

Bill Maher – Sarah Palin Calls For Obama’s Impeachment

Sara Palin's articles of impeachment.

Bill Maher Says Pope Francis is an Atheist

Yes finally, a heaven for Atheists!

Bill Maher – The Best of New Rules

The best of Real Time with Bill Maher's New Rules.

‘Sopranos’ Actor James Gandolfini Has Died At The Age Of 51

  Breaking News!!!! 'Sopranos' actor, James Gandolfini dead at the age of 51 from  an apparent heart attack in Italy. Gandolfini, played the mob boss...

Bill Maher Vs. The Pope

Religion, it's like Wikipedia!

Seth MacFarlane Dating Game of Thrones Actress Emilia Clarke

New couple alert and this one is sure to make couch potatoes everywhere rejoice! Seth MacFarlane - actor, writer, and creator of Family Guy -...

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