Patrick Zarrelli is one of the most successful entrepreneurs from South Florida who operates a publishing business and a number of adjacent businesses. He started as an editor and publisher of a news blog, called South Florida Chronicle, which instantly grew into a successful, most popular news website in Florida. Patrick became CEO of this enterprise and started adding more news sites to the network.

Today, Printkiller network has grown into one of the largest advertisement networks in the nation and has 15 websites already. There is no law firm or a real estate investment company in Florida that would not advertise with Patrick Zarrelli’s network. On top of that, Patrick has founded a SEO business, a web management company, credit card company, and a myriad of other ventures that turned into success overnight.

The secret to success of this talented entrepreneur is his reliance on people skills. Patrick is great at building instant connections with people and building strong long-term relationships with them. He “feels” people. Patrick can determine a person’s talent in a couple of seconds and knows how to use it as an entrepreneur.

Mr. Zarrelli says that he gives his employees freedom when it comes to work as long as they meet the minimum technical requirements. This allows creativity to blossom in his multiple companies. He also has a lot of practical experience in building businesses and dealing with people in the context of sales. His observant and flexible mind is perfect for managing people’s emotions, which is an irreplaceable tool for an entrepreneur.

In less that twenty years, Patrick has built a #1 advertisement network, Printkiller Media Network, which has a dozen of news sites – News Zealot, South Florida Chronicle, New York Encore, Albert Travelstein, Video God, Daily Criminal, Eventopotamus, and Bomb EDM.

Patrick Zarrelli is also the President of Dependable Website Management, a successful web design and SEO management company with impressive client portfolio. A successful publisher and entrepreneur lives in Fort Lauderdale and is a great fan of snowboarding, water sports and music.


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