Patrick J. ZarrelliPatrick Zarrelli is a successful entrepreneur from South Florida who owns and operates over 15 news websites and other businesses, including a successful SEO studio and a Web Management company. When we asked him what is the secret to his success, he replied that the key is being a serial entrepreneur.

Most successful entrepreneurs are serial entrepreneurs. They can identify opportunities across industries and great timing for launching new ventures and startups. Unlike most business owners who are focused on one industry and who spend years getting expertise and knowledge in that industry, serial entrepreneurs have experience in many industries. They have knowledge about a variety of business sectors.

Patrick says that even though it might sound crazy that someone considered launching a new company in an industry he has zero knowledge about, in practice serial entrepreneurs are very successful in this.

Mr. Zarrelli says that serial entrepreneurs are visionaries. They see an opportunity in an unfamiliar industry and they can educate themselves about that industry, or hire a team of top experts in the field to make a successful project.

All greatest serial entrepreneurs exhibit persistence in selecting the right industry and the right timing. They are more likely to succeed than first time entrepreneurs or those who failed in the past because they are smart, adapt quickly and are passionate about innovation in general sense. They can’t be focused on just one particular industry. They are adventurous and passionate.

Patrick Zarrelli possesses all these traits. A Florida State University graduate, he has demonstrated over and over success no matter what project he dedicated himself to. Publishing, SEO, web management, sales, credit cards, everything he touches turns into gold.

His Printkiller Media Network is a #1 advertisement network with over 15 websites. Any major law or financial services firm in Florida has used his advertisement services. He has started a successful web management business Dependable Website Management that serves some major business names in the industry. There is no stopping for Mr. Zarrelli, no matter what he gets his hands on.


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