Patrick Zarrelli, a  successful entrepreneur with over 15 businesses in his portfolio gave some valuable insights to those who are studying in college right now. Originally from New York, Patrick finished Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree, and has been in the publishing business ever since. He lives in South Florida right now and runs a large publishing network of news websites, a SEO company, a web management company and number of small businesses on top of that. Pretty impressive portfolio.

So when asked what he can advise to those who are working towards graduation, he simply said – don’t. Unless you are studying to be a doctor, lawyer, scientist or an engineer, for the rest, college knowledge is a waste of time and energy.

Patrick Zarrelli believes in practice and experience. Knowledge from books does not get you anywhere in business, regardless of the area of business you choose to focus on.  Instead of focusing on knowledge in the traditional sense, I focused on experience, which I knew would lead to something more profound: wisdom. Patrick also became a major advocate for self-education. He learned a ton from reading hundreds of texts on business, philosophy, and economics. Zarrelli also made a mentor from every successful person in his life, learning from their experience and forming valuable long-term relationships with them.

He has spent over fifteen years in internet publishing business. He started as an editor and a founder of a news blog – South Florida Chronicle, which instantly became a major news site in the sunny state. Patrick founded a number of other websites – News Zealot, New York Encore, Albert Travelstein, Video God, Daily Criminal, Eventopotamus, and Bomb EDM, which also grew to be successful pretty quickly.

Patrick Zarrelli says, of course this path is not for everyone. But he firmly believes that the value of experience outweighs a college degree. His Printkiller Media Network, the most successful advertisement network in Florida and on the East Coast, which already has 14 websites and is growing, is the best proof and backup for this life philosophy. College will always be there. You can drop out for a few years, and then come back if it makes sense to you. But your main focus should be life experience, forming relationships with clients and mentors, and practice. As an entrepreneur, this is your way to success.


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