New Orleans is better known as The Big Easy, sits on the Mississipi river and is home to Cjaun chicken and Mardis Gras. It is best known as the Jazz capital of the United States. Visit its French Quarter that has the biggest number of coffee shops, restaurants per square foot than any other part of the city.

Dive headfirst into a melting pot of French, African, and Brazilian culture meshed with many different religions, foods, and of course jazz. Let the good times roll in the French Quarter, the birthplace of jazz, when you visit its numerous bars, clubs, and restaurants. To really kick up your partying skills a notch, head to Bourbon Street, where festivals and late nights are a way of life.

For a slightly more sedate New Orleans sightseeing trip, visit Jackson Square, where you can tour historic buildings like the beautiful St. Louis Cathedral. Plan a trip to Memorial Hall and learn about the Civil War, or walk through Lafayette Cemetery to see one of the country’s most haunted graveyards. If you’d rather avoid a run-in with a ghost, you’ll find an assortment of galleries and boutiques throughout the city, so you can satisfy your desire for art and shopping.


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