President Donald Trump has only been in office for five days, yet he has already started to drastically change American policy both foreign and domestic. It turns out that Trump is the exact person he was during the campaign, there is not a campaign Trump, and then president Trump, there is only Donald Trump. His most recent actions have proven that, the platform Trump ran on was not rhetoric, it was actually a very real and scary agenda. See him back up his crazy agenda and ideas in his first interview as President below.


  1. He is doing what should have been done a long time ago. It is about time we had a leader. Someone who takes charge instead of leading from behind. We can thank God. It is the grace of God that raised up Donald Trump. That is why he was not defeated.

  2. I am very glad that Donald was elected President. We need to pray for him and his family. He needs much wisdom in his place as leader of the free world.

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