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Viral Videos from your home for funny and awesome videos!

Water Slide FAIL!

Listen to the sound this white boy makes when he smacks the slide lol.

This Foreign Dude is Nuts!

This guy is like the ultimate prankster. I wonder what country this is... Tsukaima Ringu - Craziest Man Alive - Watch More Funny Videos

FAIL Comp!

Awesome FAIL Video Compilation.

Ever Wonder What it’s Like To Be in a Plane Crash?

It's kinda like this.

All The Best Fails Of 2011 Thus Far…

2011 has been a great year for FAILs so lets take a second on this Sunday night to recap the best of 2011 thus...

The Best Of The Web 2011

As we are about to put to rest another great year here at the Chronicle lets take a second to take a look back....

Darth Vader Salsa Trombone Playing and Dancing… Somebody get this guy to play at The Meco Ball Park on July 2nd. He just kills it on the Trombone...  Tough crowd though.....

Standing Cat… Looks like me waiting for my roommates to get home with the beer...

Texts from Your Ex… in Prison

Ellen does text from your ex...

The Worst Face Smash You Will Ever See

This thing is hard to watch ouch! #ParkourFAIL Parkour Chick Smashes Face On Vault Move - Watch MoreFunny Videos

Check Out This Officer Of The Law Slam A Guys Face...

Cops are f*cking crazy, flat-out this is why you need to stay out of trouble. They will kick your ass and throw you and...

Street Justice: Bully Gets Dropped

Ain't Karma a b*tch?

Got South Park?

Enjoy the South Park season finale courtesy of entitled: #HappyHolograms

2nd Story Back Flip…That’s Gotta Hurt!

This video is so damn crazy Im surprised its not Russian. Usually black guys are smarter than this, maybe he was high? If so,...

Trampoline Dumb Ass Knocks His Tooth Out

This is exactly why you don't use a trampoline over 18 years of age. Trampolines are for children, this way if you bust your...

Jon Stewart – The Way We War The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Indecision Political Humor,The Daily Show on Facebook

Man With No Arms Is Paralympic Archer Matt Stutzman was born with no arms but that did not stop him from becoming an awesome archer. In 2012 he competed in the London...

Coolest Mini Golf Holes Ever

Chronic Nation I am proud to bring you the coolest mini golf holes in the land! Now we all know mini golf really isn't...

Top 10 Space Stations From Movies And TV

The top 10 space stations from movies and TV are: 10. Terra Venture 9. Solaris Station 8. Battle School 7. Watchtower II 6. Gateway Station 5. Elysium 4. Deep Space Nine 3....

Every Guy Has Had The Jealous of Porn Girlfriend…

Tony Danza is back folks yessssssss!!! #WhostheBoss New Movie: Don Jon Jon Martello (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a strong, handsome, good old fashioned guy. His buddies...

It’s Called Twitter Not Titter!

Dad catches daughter sexting, when she accidentally sends him a topless photo.

Someone Invite This Beer Pong Master To The Next Chronicle Party!

This kid is amazing and guess what hes only 12. Hey buddy, don't look now but your going to be a big hit in...

Brazilian Grand Theft Auto!!

Polica, Polica!! Oh those wacky Brazilians! Look at this guy mow down cops GTA style! If only he could have gotten to the roof...

Rail Slide FAIL

Is that a concussion? I think that's a concussion... Skateboarder Lands On Head Instead Of Feet - Watch More Funny Videos

Game Of Thrones Returns April 1

Game Of Thrones Season 2 Trailer. I still can't believe they killed Ned...

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