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NEW RULE: Fort Lauderdale Beach Must Buy One of These ASAP

I want to jump off this right now! Fort Lauderdale needs to get one of these, lord knows the beach could use something new!

Every Man Should Have a Little Bruce Lee in His Repertoire

Enter the mind of the dragon with master Bruce Lee...

Mily Cyrus is Letting it All Hang Out (32 Pics)

I think it is safe to say that Miley Cyrus is all grown up folks!

Best Mom Ever – Tries to Get Virgin Son First GF...

Say what you want, but I think this is a nice gesture from a really cool mom. Though admittedly this idea is ripe for...

Well That Job Sucks…

Some jobs that are better left for someone else...

Protests Turn Ugly After the Zimmerman Verdict

Pictures from the anti-Zimmerman protests in Oakland California.  

China Has Finished Construction on the Worlds Largest Building

The worlds largest building.  

Couple Falls Out of the Window While Having Sex

A couple in Central China had to move their love making session near the window because it was to hot in their apartment. The...

Now Here Are A Few Good Ideas…

Here ares some great ideas I found on imgur today.  

Mugging Victim Who Was Stabbed in the Back…

This poor woman was a mugging victim who walked the rest of the way home after being robbed on her way home from work....

The Craziest Crime Story Ever Told

And to think all this time I though being a detective was easy...  

Guy Quotes Pulp Fiction and Foils a Robbery

                      I know this story is funny, but that guy had to have some balls of steel to pull that stunt during a real robbery....

Happy Hump Day Everyone!!!

Hump Day, the week is half way over!!!

GET WISE: How to Make Bacon Explosion

One word yuuuuuuuuuuum!          

Leaked Crime Scene Photos and Prosecution Exhibits Against Oscar Pristorius, The...

Here is a photo of Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp together before the shooting that left the young model dead. As well as a pic...

Why You Wanna Punch Me in My Face?

Animated Gifs of people getting punched in the face! #KnuckleSandwiches

Is This the Worst Tattoo Ever?

I don't know whats worse the quality of this tattoo or the idea in general?  

The Best Pics on the Web This Week!!!

Cool amazing and sexy pics to feast your eyes on!!!

Check Out This Lioness Rescue Her Cub

  An amazing photog caught this dramatic lion cub rescue in these awesome pics!  

Miley Cyrus is All Growns Up!

Damn Miley Cyrus went and got all hot! Check her out at the gas pump today in Cali.

The Best Pics on the Web This Week!

The coolest most radical pics on the web this week dude!

The Air in Beijing is Awful

Check out these pics of Beijing in the middle of the day. You can barely see!

The Leaked Photo of Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s Dead Body, and The Questions...

Photos have been leaked by someone at the Boston morgue, which clearly show the first suspect in the Boston Marathon Bombing Tamerlan Tsarnaev's dead...

When I Was A Kid I Used To Think, “Man It...

One photog's experience in the field for Nat Geo.

Here are the Photos of The Boston Bomber Dropping the Bomb

In the first photo you can see the suspect in the white hat dropping the book bag containing what the FBI believes was the...

Boston Bombing Suspects Had Golf Hats On

The first suspect had a black Bridgestone Golf hat on. The second suspect had a white Polo hat on.