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Keeping It Kosher On 420

Happy 420 chronic nation! So I am sure everyone celebrates 420 in their own special way. I would like to share with you how...

Funny Mother's Day Pics (60 Pics)

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!!!

Ukrainian Army. Where Do I Sign Up?

Damn the military doesn't look like such a bad option after all...

Celebrity Twit Pics Gallery (39 Pics)

Celebrities love to twit pic, check out some of the more colorful celebrity twit pics below.

The Most Creative FaceBook TimeLine Pics Ever

I am a little angry at myself for not coming up with something this cool on my own timeline. Stay tuned friends ...

Who Wouldn’t Go to an Opera if it was in THIS???

(Gizmodo). Sam Biddle — An Austrian production of French Revolutionary opera ‘Andre Chenier' is set to start in July, on the banks of beautiful Lake Constance....

The Best Pics On The Web Today

The absolute funniest, sexiest, corniest, scariest, weirdest, amazing pics on the world-wide web today.

Dig This: Pikachu Is Real! Ok, Well Maybe Not …

Was surfing the web (as usual) and came up on this pussy that looked like Pikachu.  Check out this little fugger. It's kinda cute,...

Casey Anthony’s First Endorsement Deal

Well folks, it was only a matter of time before some company said, "Fuck it", she's just too famous, and gave Casey Anthony an...

That’s A Huge B*tch!

Isn't photo shop awesome? I don't have a clue who did this but tight work!

Sign Taped To A Pole Outside The Chronicle Office

  They're right snacks are so important, and they often get overlooked in a good proliferation conversation.

Check Out This Lioness Rescue Her Cub

  An amazing photog caught this dramatic lion cub rescue in these awesome pics!  

Someone get Lois Lane This Couch and Shelf Set

Furniture every lady is happy to take a nap on!

The Best Pics on The Web Today (100+Pics)

  The best pics on the world-wide web today. Compiled by Kid Chronic awww yeaaaaa!!!  

End Of Semester Bookbag

Winter break is here awww yeaaaa!!!

Worst Tattoo Ideas Ever (78 Whack Mistakes)

WARNING: Getting any of these tattoos will cause you to never get laid again.

The Best Memes on the Web Today!

A bunch of funny memes for your Tuesday enjoyment!

The World's Most Expensive Sweater - “Back in MY day we had to walk eight miles uphill in the snow to get the tattoo parlor. And we didn’t...

Justin Price: South Florida's Top Photographer

Badass photographer Justin Price is based out of L.A., Miami, and Baltimore, and he takes pictures that will literally make your mouth water. After excelling...

Happy Hump Day Everyone!!!

Hump Day, the week is half way over!!!

Jaime Pressly’s DUI Mug Shot…Blah Blah Blah

She looks cracked out...I'd still smash..... ma

Miley Cyrus Self-Shot Underwear Pic…

Actress Miley Cyrus released this self-shot picture of herself in underwear. This picture may look like Miley Cyrus resorting back to her whorish ways...

The Craziest Crime Story Ever Told

And to think all this time I though being a detective was easy...  

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