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Woman With No Body Has Trouble Finding Dates

Nikki Hildabrandt has trouble finding dates due to her condition even though her face is actually quite attractive. She has gone as far as...

The Best Pics on The Web Today (100+Pics)

  The best pics on the world-wide web today. Compiled by Kid Chronic awww yeaaaaa!!!  

Ahh, Stephanie Seymour, You Old Dog You…..

God that kid is lucky. He got to suck on those when he was younger... ma

The Best Putin and Trump Bromance Pics

Donald Trump and the one person who he never speaks ill of no matter what. Vladimir Putin! Are obviously in one hell of an...

James Hopkins: Perspective Sculptures

James is known for slyly transforming familiar objects, converting them into different items and nudging them towards a state that produces an unexpected response from those who behold them. 'Perspective Sculptures' are a series of installations that use optical illusions to play with the viewer's perceptions.

Jameis Winston Crab Leg Memes!

As an FSU alum, I am obviously disappointed in our star quarterback Jameis Winston. Shoplifting is unacceptable behavior. However, as a blogger, his crab-leg memes...

The Best Pics on the Web Today [50+]

The most intriguing, sexy, and mind-blowing pics the web has to offer! Slightly nsfw

Meanwhile In Libya… #occupywallstreet

#truthinpictures #occupywallstreet

WTF are you Doing Back There?

27 wtf-is-in-the-background pics

Someone Take Eytan To This Restaurant For His Birthday!

One thing we know about Eytan Benichay is that he doesn't dig on swine. Another thing we know about him, is that he doesn't...

Meet Clark Little

My Life Summarized on a Poster

Now that I think of it, I cant do any of this shit when i'm sober....

So I Came in to Find This at the Chronicle Office...

Employees. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em...

I Still Can't Decide If Bar Refaeli Is Sexy Or not…

I've said it once, I'll say it again.. Bar Refaeli is not hot. Sure, she knows how to pose right in front of the...

The Best Pics on The Web Today! (100+ Pics)

The craziest, sexiest, coolest pics on the world wide web today!

North Korea Has Just Released Photos of a “U.S. Mainland Strike...

Ok, so North Korea has now released photos of Kim Jung Un in front of a giant map that reads "US Mainland Strike Plan."...

Im Sorry, But I Don’t Find Brooklyn Decker Sexy…

I'm sorry America.  I know she was the Sports Illustrated beach babe of 2009 or some shit. But she looks like she is carrying...

Click Inside to See Bacon Hitler

He's out there somewhere. Could be in your kitchen right now...

Full Moon Rises Under Olympic Rings

Amazing night time pic from Tower Bridge in London. #Olympics

The Best Pics On The Web Today (82 Pics)

The coolest, funniest, most amazing pics on the web today!

NEW RULE: Fort Lauderdale Beach Must Buy One of These ASAP

I want to jump off this right now! Fort Lauderdale needs to get one of these, lord knows the beach could use something new!

Movember Mustache Hall Of Fame

It's Mo-vember so grow out those mustaches to fight cancer fellas. Unfortunately cancer is something that affects almost all of us in one way...

Worst Tattoo Ideas Ever (78 Whack Mistakes)

WARNING: Getting any of these tattoos will cause you to never get laid again.