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Jameis Winston Crab Leg Memes!

As an FSU alum, I am obviously disappointed in our star quarterback Jameis Winston. Shoplifting is unacceptable behavior. However, as a blogger, his crab-leg memes...

Leaked Crime Scene Photos and Prosecution Exhibits Against Oscar Pristorius, The...

Here is a photo of Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp together before the shooting that left the young model dead. As well as a pic...

Every Man Should Have a Little Bruce Lee in His Repertoire

Enter the mind of the dragon with master Bruce Lee...

Couple Falls Out of the Window While Having Sex

A couple in Central China had to move their love making session near the window because it was to hot in their apartment. The...

Justin Price: South Florida’s Top Photographer

Badass photographer Justin Price is based out of L.A., Miami, and Baltimore, and he takes pictures that will literally make your mouth water. After excelling...

Ahh, Stephanie Seymour, You Old Dog You…..

God that kid is lucky. He got to suck on those when he was younger... ma

The Funniest Tip Jars on the Planet

These tip jars are def more creative than most!

Mily Cyrus is Letting it All Hang Out (32 Pics)

I think it is safe to say that Miley Cyrus is all grown up folks!

Freezer Fail!

I guess this is the answer to the question "I wonder what would happen if I didn't put the ice tray back in the...

The Best Memes on the Web Today!

A bunch of funny memes for your Tuesday enjoyment!

The Most Epic Pot Gallery Ever (72Pics)

From famous pot smokers to epic nugs, this is the best pot gallery you will ever see.

Can Someone Please Tell Me WTF Is Going On In this...

I have no idea what was going on before this lady had to go to the hospital but it looks like one hell of...

NEW RULE: Fort Lauderdale Beach Must Buy One of These ASAP

I want to jump off this right now! Fort Lauderdale needs to get one of these, lord knows the beach could use something new!

Woman With No Body Has Trouble Finding Dates

Nikki Hildabrandt has trouble finding dates due to her condition even though her face is actually quite attractive. She has gone as far as...

Is Stephanie Seymour Hooking Up With Her Own Son, Or What?

What the hell is going on with Stephanie Seymour and her 18-year-old son, Peter Grant II. I mean, I can totally understand kissing your...

Funny Mother’s Day Pics (60 Pics)

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!!!

I Still Can't Decide If Bar Refaeli Is Sexy Or not…

I've said it once, I'll say it again.. Bar Refaeli is not hot. Sure, she knows how to pose right in front of the...

Strangely Beautiful Remains of Super Storm Sandy

Roller Coaster & The Sea.

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