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Selfie Stick Captures Girl Caught In RipTide

A girl was on vacation in Nantucket swimming at one of the beaches when she was caught in a riptide for more than five...

Some Of The Amazing Sea Creatures Ever Discovered

Here are just 10 of the amazing sea creatures ever discovered.

Go-Pro View Of A Sea Turtle Swimming The Great Barrier Reef

P.O.V of a Sea Turtle swimming through the beautiful Great Barrier Reef.

Cheetah Jumps Into Tourist Safari Jeep

This Cheetah thought he would give these tourists their money's worth by jumping into the Safari Jeep!!!

Thousands Of Tiny Crabs Wash Up On California Beaches

Hundreds of thousands of tiny red crabs have been washing up on the beaches of Southern California due to warm ocean currents that carry...

The Biggest Great White Shark Ever Seen In The Guadalupe Islands

This is the biggest Great White Shark ever seen or caught on video in the Islands of Guadalupe.

Tornadoes Cause Havoc Through the Plain States

Homes are ripped apart as tornadoes, high winds and hail hit the plain states.

Neon Green Northern Lights in the Arctic Circle

The Northern Lights have a certain allure to them. One of our planets most beautiful natural sights to ever exist. If you can't make...

Check Out This Volcano Eruption in Papua, New Guinea

That's pretty cool. I have never seen a volcano explode before!

Amazing Aerial Shots Of Surfing

Breathtaking bird's-eye view of surfers catching some waves. Makes me want to grab a board and get out there.

Understand Climate Change in Less Than Two Minutes

A simple explanation of climate change, that even a Republican can understand.

Deadly Earthquake In Phillipines Causes Church To Crumble!

An earthqauke in the Phillipines causes an old church to fall apart! //

Take The Atlantic Coast Kayak and Paddle Board Eco Tour!

The Fort Lauderdale Urban Eco Tour presented by Atlantic Coast Kayak, is 90 minutes to two hours in duration and only costs $40 for...

Just Another Day in the Woods, When Suddenly…

Hippies, you can't get away from em...

Spider Crawls in Lady’s Ear & Stays for Five Days!

A woman showed up at China's Changsha Central Hospital complaining that her ear was itchy -  & what doctor's found was shocking. A spider...

NOPE! World’s Largest Spider

World's largest spider is a nearly thirty-year-old tarantula. World's Largest Spider - Watch More Funny Videos

A Glacier Wall Falls Into The Ocean

The glacier losses a side into the ocean, sending waves so massive even the penguins scurry off the beach. Glacier Collapses Into Ocean - Watch...

One Shark Eats Another . . . Whole!

  Check out this photo that was just released by National Geographic - of a shark eating another shark!¬†Daniela Ceccarell was trying to get a...

Cranes Flying Over Venice, Nothing More

These Common Cranes have been hand-reared to fly alongside a microlight to capture these amazing images.