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Real Life Tarzan And Jungle Book

Ho Van Lang is a real life Tarzan and spent 41 years living in the jungles of Vietnam with his father. Ho who is 44...

Neon Green Northern Lights in the Arctic Circle

The Northern Lights have a certain allure to them. One of our planets most beautiful natural sights to ever exist. If you can't make...

NOPE! World’s Largest Spider

World's largest spider is a nearly thirty-year-old tarantula. World's Largest Spider - Watch More Funny Videos

BLIZZARD ’16: More than 8,000 Flights Canceled

The blizzard has canceled thousands of flights and is creating headaches for rail travelers, eve for those not in the direct path of the...

150k penguins die due to iceberg

About 150,000 penguins have died since being stranded by a vast iceberg that became lodged off the coast of Antarctica six years ago, according...

Shipwrecks of the Dry Tortugas

For the first time, the National Park Service has begun documenting deep water shipwrecks and artifacts in remote Dry Tortugas National Park. The Dry Tortugas...

The Biggest Great White Shark Ever Seen In The Guadalupe Islands

This is the biggest Great White Shark ever seen or caught on video in the Islands of Guadalupe.

Southern Severe Storms Leave Path Of Destruction

Severe storms and a tornado hit south hard leaving the path of destruction. It's a rough day for people living along the Gulf coast....

How Deadly Is The Blue-Ringed Octopus?

Blue-ringed octopus is among the deadliest animals in the sea. Throughout their range in Australia and the eastern Indo-Pacific, several humans suffer bites each...

One Shark Eats Another . . . Whole!

  Check out this photo that was just released by National Geographic - of a shark eating another shark! Daniela Ceccarell was trying to get a...

Seven Foot Grouper Caught On Paddleboard

Amazing footage of a paddle boarder reeling in a Grouper that was about 7 feet long.

Take The Atlantic Coast Kayak and Paddle Board Eco Tour!

The Fort Lauderdale Urban Eco Tour presented by Atlantic Coast Kayak, is 90 minutes to two hours in duration and only costs $40 for...

Corals Off South Florida Hit With Severe Bleaching

Corals are turning chalk white and dying on reefs stretching from the Florida Keys to Palm Beach County, in what experts call one of...

Blizzard of 2016 takes aim at 75 million Americans

The blizzard of 2016 is intensifying. This massive storm is expected to paralyze the East Coast. Over 3 feet of snow are expected to...

A Glacier Wall Falls Into The Ocean

The glacier losses a side into the ocean, sending waves so massive even the penguins scurry off the beach. Glacier Collapses Into Ocean - Watch...

Deadly downpours destroy homes across South

More than 17 million people are facing a severe weather threat. Storm systems are targeting the Northeast and the South. Flooding in southern states...

Cheetah Jumps Into Tourist Safari Jeep

This Cheetah thought he would give these tourists their money's worth by jumping into the Safari Jeep!!!

Amazing Aerial Shots Of Surfing

Breathtaking bird's-eye view of surfers catching some waves. Makes me want to grab a board and get out there.

Close Encounter With A Black Bear

While on a hike this woman came across a Black Bear.I would have freaked out.

Top 5 Facts About Volcanoes

Volcanoes are terrifying since it can’t be stopped and destroys anything. However, volcanic eruptions helped shape the earths landscape. There are Top five facts...

Thousands Of Tiny Crabs Wash Up On California Beaches

Hundreds of thousands of tiny red crabs have been washing up on the beaches of Southern California due to warm ocean currents that carry...

People Fall Through A Sinkhole In China

People fall through a sinkhole in China while waiting for a bus.That would suck.

Understand Climate Change in Less Than Two Minutes

A simple explanation of climate change, that even a Republican can understand.

New El Nino Storms in Southern California Cause More Havoc

The West Coast is bracing for more rain after another series of storms. The third El Nino fueled storm hits California, triggering mudslides and rising...

Go-Pro View Of A Sea Turtle Swimming The Great Barrier Reef

P.O.V of a Sea Turtle swimming through the beautiful Great Barrier Reef.

Saltwater Brewery In Delray, Florida Invent Edible Six Pack Rings

Saltwater Brewery, located in Delray Beach, Florida, has designed what it calls 'edible six pack rings'. They came up with the idea in hopes of...