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Man Tries Smuggling Birds Inside Of His Fanny Pack

A passenger arriving from Havana, Cuba, on Jan. 9 was arrested in Miami National Airport after he was caught attempting to smuggle in nine...

Dog Has Fun On Water Slide

Now what a crazy world this would be if people had hearts like this dog does. Check out how much fun this dog is...

Puppy Thrown From A Car

A puppy was thrown from a car in front of a North Miami Beach police station. A good Samaritan had brought it to the...

Reef The Chihuahua Has Been Reunited With His Owners

An unfortunate, heartbreaking sad story ends up with a puppy-rific happy ending involving 'Reef' the blue eyed Chihuahua. It has been a...

Dogs Welcome At South Florida Water Parks This Weekend

The annual dog day at Splash Adventure water park has a little more bite this year. Admission is $5 per dog per 50-minute session...

Feeding A Pet Crocodile

I don't know if I would feel comfortable having a crocodile as a pet.

Five Creepiest Dolls In The World

The five creepiest dolls in the world are: 5. Joliet 4. Annabelle 3. Mandy 2. Pupa 1. Robert The Doll

How Deadly Is The Blue-Ringed Octopus?

Blue-ringed octopus is among the deadliest animals in the sea. Throughout their range in Australia and the eastern Indo-Pacific, several humans suffer bites each...

Friends Until The End

Two stray dogs were found living together in a tunnel.Turns out that one of them was blind and had been getting around through the...

Puppy Experiences Air Conditioning For The First Time

This cute little puppies reaction to air conditioning is preiceless!!!

Pet Duck Waits For Buddy To Get Out Of School

This duck gets so excited to see his buddy.

Man Punches Giant Bear, Sit Down Mayweather & Pacquiao

"I ain't lettin' no bear eat my puppies." That's right! Show them damn bears!

Watch This Awesome Dog Save His Owner From a Robber

They call them man's best friend for a reason!

New App Will Make Sure You Never Lose Your Dog Again

I'm surprised something like this didn't come out sooner.

Freaking Weirdo Has a Pet Lizard He Treats Like a Dog

What the fuck are you petting that thing for dude, run for your life!

What Kind of Douchebag Ties Up His Dog and Leaves Him?

I'd like to punch this guy squarely in the face, then give him a swirly 'til he says "I will never abandon my dog...

Dumb Ass French Bulldog is Scared of His Own Farts!

French Bulldogs... Maybe not the smartest breed!

For Every Bottle You Deposit, This Recycling Machine Dispenses Dog Food...

This one will get you right in the feels! Oh humanity, every once and a while you truly impress me. ...

Basset Hound Loves Riding in Porsche

Well, sure he does! Who doesn't?! Hint, hint, someone at Porsche needs to send me a free lease for a year!

Meet Mocha, The Guitar Playing Doodle!

This is awesome. I gotta teach my doodle to play guitar!

Jenna Marbles Teaches You How to Parent Your Dog

Dago training 101, with America's favorite video blogger.

How Much Do You Love Me Bon Jovi?

The story of a boy and his loving kitty cat...

Rescue Dog Saves Family’s Baby

Meet cooper, the baby saving rescue dog.

Is This the Smartest Beagle Ever?

Wow, this Beagle is a crafty little guy.

This is the Coolest Dog Ever!

Meet jumpy the dog!

This Dog Isn’t Allowed on the Bed

So the owner put in a camera to see what happens when he isn't home. The result is priceless!