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Water Ski Accident

Water ski accident caught on tape.

Car Vandal Knocks Himself Out Cold

Dude puts his own dome light out when he attempts to break a car window.

“The Boys Took a Beating on That One”

Skier takes a gate to the marbles.

Patriots Fire Tim Tebow

The New England Patriots have announced they are releasing Tim Tebow today. The move came after Tebow put in a dismal pre-season performance, including...

Here is What It’s Like to be Caught in an Avalanche

Holy shit, that's like one of the scariest things that can happen to a person.

Indiana Moped Rider Leads Police on Two Hour Chase

Lagrant Smith took himself one hell of a joy ride this weekend in Fort Wayne Indiana. Smith stole a moped and then refused to...

Wedding Photos Ruined By Remote Helicopter

The groom isnt happy about this one. - Watch More Funny VideosQuadrocopter SLAMS Into Groom's Face, Ruins Wedding Photos

Jewelery Store Robbers Crash Get Away Car

Hollywood Florida - Three men have been arrested in Hollywood after robbing Renee's Golden Touch jewelry. The two robbers ran out of the store...


Yeah prolly shouldn't have kicked that door...

FAIL – Wake Board High Five

Damn there lucky they didn't hit this guy with prop.


Guys wife locks him in the house so he is forced to climb out the window. Needless to say it doesn't end well for this...

What Goes Up Must Come Down

This kid must have been absent that day in physics class.

Store Owner Knocks Out Robber With a Baseball Bat

These guys sure picked the wrong store to rob!

Para Sail Accident in Florida

Para sail line detaches from the boat and two teenagers smack against the penthouse of a beach high rise.

Man Rips His Penis Off On Shrooms

Here is what I thought when I first heard this story...    

When a Baseball Hits Your Head at 200 MPH

I just hope this guys brain still works, pitchers should be better protected from this sort of thing.

Here is What It’s Like to Run Over Your Friend With...

Ouch! Nothing like a tire mark across your chest to show chicks your a bad ass! Dude Rides Over His Friend On Racetrack - Watch...

Marriage Proposal Fail on Live TV

Awkward... Someone cue the DJ...