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Indiana Moped Rider Leads Police on Two Hour Chase

Lagrant Smith took himself one hell of a joy ride this weekend in Fort Wayne Indiana. Smith stole a moped and then refused to...

Puerto Rico Has No More Money

Puerto Rico has run out of time and money. They will default on some $37 million of its debt repayments on the first...

Tina Kruzyck: E-Cigarette Exploded While They Were Sleeping

Tina Kruzyck was saved by her fiance because once again another person has a problem with an e-cigarette. Her Eleaf iStick 50-watt model e-cigarette...

Steve Harvey Announces Wrong Winner Of Miss Universe

Steve Harvey Announces Wrong Winner Of Miss Universe Steve Harvey, the host of tonight’s Miss Universe pageant, did the one thing that the host of...

Top 4 Pokemon Go Fails Of The Week

CNET is counting down the week's worst Pokemon Go fails, and there sure have been many! So, you may not have heard about this thing...

Convicted killer Shaka Senghor tells the story of redemption after prison

Shaka Senghor is a college lecturer and MIT consultant. He also has a popular Ted Talk and mentors young kids. But his success came...

Steeplechase Fail

Your in the lead, your running good, your gonna win, splash!

Hoverboard Bursts Into Flames Once Again

Hoverboard Strikes Again One of this year's most wanted holiday gifts has started another fire at an Auburn, Washington mall. Customers were evacuated Tuesday morning...

Rowdy Fan Gets Tazed At Baseball Game

At first he doesn't look that rowdy, but when the cops try to take him in this guy loses it.

Keegan Bradley Hits Spectator in the Head With a Tee Shot

Most exciting thing I have even seen happen in a golf match. Personally Id like to see more of it!

Newly Crowned Miss Teen USA Karlie Hay Slammed For Reportedly Using...

The Newly Crowned Miss Teen USA, Karlie Hay faced serious backlash on social media after she used N-word on twitter, but says that “she...

Search For Dog Torturer in Oceanside

A dog torturer is on the loose in Oceanside, California. The suspect wrapped chicken wire around a pooch's neck so tight it cut her...

Patriots Fire Tim Tebow

The New England Patriots have announced they are releasing Tim Tebow today. The move came after Tebow put in a dismal pre-season performance, including...

A Man Shoves A Python in His Pants

A man was caught on camera stealing a two-foot-long python from a pet store in Portland, Oregon. They caught him stuffing it down his...

Ding Dong Steve O Shatters His Ankle During High Risk Skateboard...

I guess Steve O hasn't saved any of the money he made, because he is still doing dumb as shit like every single day....

Karate Ref Takes Out Two Fighters

Damn don't mess with that ref!

Caught On Camera: Purse Bursts Into Flames

A woman in a New Jersey mall, was paying for her purchase  and had a terrifying experience when her purse suddenly burst into...

Vigilant Alligator Eats Burglary Suspect

A man who may have hidden as officers investigated reports of recent burglaries in a Florida community was killed by an 11-foot alligator. Brevard County...

South Florida Woman’s Failed Bribery To Avoid Intoxication Charge

26 year old Margaret Garcia, of South Florida, was arrested on June 9th around Northwest 27th Avenue and 79th Street in Northwest Miami-Dade, following her...

How Not to Take Your Skis Off

Bus driver is pissed!

The Best News Boopers Of The Year

There is nothing quite like a good old blooper to make you laugh uncontrollably, especially if they are live on television. Just when you...

Mascots You Gotta Love Em!

Lets here for the most unappreciated people in sports, the mascots!

Kite Surfer Falls from the Skies Like a Stone

Here is a good way to break a few ribs.

Egg Balance Fail

With friends like these, who needs enemies!

Epic Stiff Arm

Don't come around here with that weak stuff boy!

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