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Auditions For Season 21 Of The Bachelor Were Held In Ft....

Nearly 150 single ladies attended a casting call for season 21 of The Bachelor that was held at 'The Riverside Hotel' on Las Olas Boulevard. One...

Valentines Day Do’s and Don’ts

How difficult is it for guys to settle on the right gift for Valentines? Some guys say it's not hard at all. A dozen...

What Do You Think About Before A Kiss

So many different things run through your head when you go in for that first kiss!!!These are pretty accurate. ...

Thoughts You Have When You Sign Up For Tinder

Things you think about when signing up for the dating site Tinder.

Why Relationships Suck

Because a woman will never miss an opportunity to let you down! Check out this poor bastard doing something nice for his girlfriend only...

How to Win at Online Dating

Get some tips form a pro inside the industry.

Is Leonardo DiCaprio Hooking up with Rihanna?

Sure, why wouldn't he?!


Guy meets a hot girl on a motorcycle and proceeds to get completely cock blocked by a fat guy on a scooter!

Driving After a Break Up

Happens to the best of us...

Girl Gets Busted Cheating

The two guys confront her at the same time. Busted!

So Katy Perry is Dating this Loser Now??? #WTF

Katy Perry is dating Riff Raff? Someone should fire her publicist asap! What a loser this guy is!! Russell Brand is way cooler than...

Couple Decides to Have Sex or Break Up

We're still having pasta Sunday right? We're Having Sex from Michael Callahan on Vimeo.

Pour One Out for Our Homies in the Friend Zone

Hey the friend zone is better than no zone! Right? Well, at least I think it is...

This is What Happens When You Cheat on Your Girlfriend

Haha! This is flipping hilarious, poor bastard.

DATING TIP: Ask Girls Out Using Their Own Advice

Do people really go on coffee dates? That's freaking weird. How do you even get the girl drunk???

Every Time a Girl Sees Kid Chronic Online

It's not easy being a internet celebrity...

What if Guys' and Girls' Roles Were Reversed???

OMG if I had one wish, I would switch gender roles when dating for the whole planet. That world would be freaking hilarious!

What's Going Through Every Man's Head

There's a lot going upstairs, ladies. Give us some credit.

How to Get Back at Your Cheating GF…

This guy is a seriously smooth criminal.

Starbucks Drake Hands the Latest Internet Celebrity

Check out the video this guy sent a girl he met at Starbucks.

Couple Caught Hooking Up

College you gotta love it... - Watch More Funny VideosCouple Caught Hooking Up At Party

Naked Guy Picking Up Girls Prank

Surprisingly this seems to work!

Oh Man This Shit is Not Even Fair!

To be honest you would never catch me with this shit, girls just don't talk like that. If girls talked like that, the world...

How All Guys Measure Women

The Hot and Crazy Scale.

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