That's Gotta Hurt

That's Gotta Hurt

That's Gotta Hurt from your home for funny and awesome videos!

Harry Styles Takes Dive During 1D Concert

Harry Styles tripped over himself in front of thousands of fans during a One Direction performance in Toronto Thursday night. Witnesses took to social...

David Beckham Gets Another Tattoo

Check out David Beckham's new tattoo that he got for his daughter Harper showing his love for her.

Catcher Gets Away With Two Separate Elbows At Home Plate

This catcher for a softball team gets away with an elbow when the opposing team runner crosses the plate.Not once but twice.You gotta see...

Knife-Wielding Robber Steals Woman’s Purse Then Botches The Escape

Robber wins fight with elderly woman, but loses fight with elevator door.

Insane Jet Ski Accident!

Damn, I think this guy may have paralyzed his girlfriend.

Insane Speed Boat Crash at The Lake of the Ozarks Shootout

The boat in the crash was driven by Joel Begin and throttled by Mike Fiore. At the time of the wreck they were going...

The Most Insane Motorcycle Crash You Will Ever See In Your...

Wow, I have been watching crash videos for years, and I have never seen anything like this in my life. Poor guy jumped that...

Hardest Hockey Hit Ever

He got hit so hard he turned into a ballerina.

First Kiss Prank Gone Wrong

Happy Valentine's Day everybody. Choose your Valentine wisely! //

Anderson Silva Breaks His Leg Fighting Chris Weidman

This compound fracture may end Anderson Silva's career forever. Here it is in super slow-motion.

Kite Surfer Falls from the Skies Like a Stone

Here is a good way to break a few ribs.

Keegan Bradley Hits Spectator in the Head With a Tee Shot

Most exciting thing I have even seen happen in a golf match. Personally Id like to see more of it!

Drunk Guy In Star Wars PJ’s Takes A Fall

Theres no girls up there man //

Water Ski Accident

Water ski accident caught on tape.

“The Boys Took a Beating on That One”

Skier takes a gate to the marbles.


Guys wife locks him in the house so he is forced to climb out the window. Needless to say it doesn't end well for this...

Para Sail Accident in Florida

Para sail line detaches from the boat and two teenagers smack against the penthouse of a beach high rise.

When a Baseball Hits Your Head at 200 MPH

I just hope this guys brain still works, pitchers should be better protected from this sort of thing.

Reporter Gets Hit with Foul Ball Live on the Air

Gotta give it to here, she just keeps reporting like she didn't just take a fly ball to the ribs, nice job lady!

Big Dude Rolled During Beer Pong Game…. And Tyson goes down!   This is why I quit playing beer pong years ago. One minute you are winning, the next minute a man child...