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Hi my name is Josh Rossman, straight outta Long Island, New York. Moved to South Florida 20 years ago and don't miss the cold one bit. Got the nickname Fishman because I service and maintain salt and fresh water aquariums. I'm a Floridia driver with a New York attitude, so back off. I like boating, fishing, water sports, partying, watching and playing hockey.

Ghostface Killah Calls Out Action Bronson

Watch as Ghostface Killah calls out Action Bronson because Action took a few slight shots at Ghostface on an Espn appearance earlier this month. [youtube...

Rocco From Godfather Dies At 79 Years Old

Alex Rocco dies at the age of 79. He was an emmy- winning actor best known for taking a bullet through the eye. His...

10 Interesting Facts About Marijuana

Here are the 10 most interesting facts about marijuana.

A Woman Who Gives Birth To A 10 LB Baby

This woman gave birth to a 10 lb baby in the car while her husband was driving them to a birthing center in Houston....

The New $10 Bill

The new $10 bill is going to have a woman on it.

Most Inappropriate Kids Toys

Here are 15 of the most inappropriate kids toys ever produced.

Most Expensive Yachts

The 10 most expensive yachts/ Living the Salt Life

Barack Obama And His Girl’s

Barack Obama had a day out with his daughter's to catch "Hamilton" on Broadway.

The Oldest Manatee Alive Today

The oldest manatee alive is 67 years old and his name is Snooty.

Vote For Tony Junior

Vote for Tony Junior For DJ Mag 2015.

Sinkholes Are Killing The Dead Sea

Thousands of Sinkholes are opening up around this historic tourist destination.

Two Customers Get In To A Fist Fight At A Publix...

Watch as two guys get into a fist fight at a publix deli counter.

Jacksonville Jaguars’ DE Ryan Davis

Ryan Davis comes home to Tampa to give back to his community.

Polar Bears Can’t Cope With Ice Loss

Polar Bears' metabolism does not slow very much during the summer months because of the sea ice melting and food becoming scarce.

Suge Knight Returns To Court

Marion Suge Knight returns to court to argue about getting his bail reduced.

Some Of The Amazing Sea Creatures Ever Discovered

Here are just 10 of the amazing sea creatures ever discovered.

A Deadly Shooting Happens in Tennessee With A Gunman

A Gunman has attacked two military facilities in SE Tennessee in an act of domestic terrorism.

Sandra Bland Found Dead In A Jail Cell

Sandra Bland moved to Texas and is found dead in a jail cell after an arrest.

Feds Convicted Joseph Dougherty One Of The City’s Most Powerful Labor...

Joseph Dougherty, former powerful leader Philadelphia iron worker's union boss 73 years old will most likely die in prison.

Oldest Living Former President George Bush Falls

One of our oldest(91 years old) living former Presidents George Bush Falls and breaks bone in neck.

Nick420Ca Wins 3rd Place At Chalice For Best Indica Flower

Nick420Ca just won 3rd place best indica flower, Hands down... Matts OG Congratulations

Chris Brown Home Invasion

Watch as singer Chris Brown's house in San Fernando Valley gets invaded while his Aunt is home and he isn't.. ...

Obama Launches New Project For More Broadband in Public Housing

President Barack Obama announced that they will be expanding broadband access for people who live in Public Housing.

Bob Menendez Raises $1.5 Million For His Own Legal Defense

U.S. Senate Bob Menendez raises more than $1.5 million on his own legal defense since last indicted on federal corruption charges.

Indiana Man Found Guilty of Murder

An Indiana Jury found Mark Leonard guilty of murder and Arson.

Colorado Begin Closing Arguments on Theater Shooting Case with Gunman James...

Attorney's got one last chance to see if James Holmes is a cold killer or a man that knows right from wrong. ...