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Saudi’s Have An Odd Take On “Fun”

Those Saudi's sure know a good time, seems getting shot at is more fun then I've been lead to believe.

$50K A Night Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Hotel Room

If you have enough money to see the fight in person, why not go all out...

Tesla Adds Battery Backup To Its Product Line

With Samsung selling a similar technology, it will be interesting to see if Tesla's design will hit home with a larger audience. And it's...

Destiny RNG – The Truth!

This guy feels your pain!

Deep Silver Continues the Delay Train

Deep Silver has announced Dead Island 2 will be delayed into 2016. After putting out an awesome trailer about a year ago, I have...

Freddie Gray’s Death Ruled a Homicide

Baltimore officers to be charged with homicide following findings.  

Ordinance Threatening Uber in Broward Co.

A new ordinance is threatening the car rental company Uber.

Man Punches Giant Bear, Sit Down Mayweather & Pacquiao

"I ain't lettin' no bear eat my puppies." That's right! Show them damn bears!

Upcoming Video Games On The Radar For 2015

With only a handful of games shining early on in 2015 - like Bloodborne, Dying Light, and the newly released Mortal Kombat X -...

No Cigarette? I’ll Just Set Your Car On Fire

A woman in Jerusalem decided setting a car on fire was the appropriate response to being denied a cigarette. The next no-smoking ad should simply...

Canadian Home Rented Out On AirBnB Gets Trashed

A Canadian couple returned their home in Calgary to reports a "party bus" with 100 strangers filled their home after renting it out on...

The “Big Max” Burger at McDonald’s Kiosk

The McDonald's "Create Your Taste" Kiosk's most epic burger!

Budweiser Slogan Draws Apology

If it makes the news, the slogan was a success!

Popeye’s Employee of the Month!

I wish they were serving whatever he's on...