The frontman of the group Soundgarden, Chris Cornell has passed from suicide by hanging, he was 52. Cornell was a central figure in the 1990’s grunge movement and had been one of its most enduring stars. Fans mourned the singer’s death, a comparison of the late Kurt Cobain, who was also a mainstream figure in the grunge movement.

Soundgaren was formed in 1984 and was one of the main break out bands in grunge in the early 90’s. In 1991, the band released “Badmotorfinger” that introduced the group to “grunge’s punk-meets-metal formula.” Cornell started out as a drummer and played some guitar but it was his voice that was Soundgarden’s key ingredient.

“Even back then, from what I gather, he was kind of larger than life,” Mark Yarm, author of “Everybody Loves out Town: An Oral History of Grunge,”  said. “He tended to perform shirtless. He was sexy and brooding and mysterious. He was probably the guy all the women wanted and the guy all the guys wanted to be.”

Cornell was married and had three children. He was in the middle of a Soundgarden tour when he was found unconscious in his room at the MGM Grand Casino by a family friend. He was declared dead shortly after. The frontman had spoken previously about suffering from depression and substance abuse. He had credited rehab for helping him through his drinking.