Donald Trump has absolutely no clue what he is doing in the White House. Lets just face it folks, this guy never wanted to be President or thought he was going to win. Now he is learning American history, policy, and politics all at once. And he is doing it all on our tax payer dime!

This fact free political novice is handling North Korea and Kim Jong Un folks. The least stable human on Earth, is now in charge of negotiating with the other least stable human on Earth. If you had to pick two people to negotiate our way out of World War three. You literally could not find two worse choices anywhere on the planet.

If Vegas put out odds on war potentiality, I bet we would be at even money right now.

It sure seems like a war on the Korean Peninsula is calling to Donald Trump like the dinner bell at Mar-a-lago. So you better buckle up people, this could be one hell of a bumpy geopolitical ride before it’s all said and done. Trumps already hit the trigger button twice to much acclaim, so why not ring that bell a third time and see what happens? What could possibly wrong!? #Winning