Donald Trump’s 100 days in office is almost here and in that time he’s approval ratings have been the lowest of any President in office so far. Trump has repeatedly lied to the American people and has signed executive orders that have some who voted for him regretting their every decision to support this idiot! According to The New York Times, The White House staffers are “reportedly trying to desperately rebrand the colossal failure of the first 100 days as some kind of success.”

Every day I wake up and reminded that this tool bag is our leader I just want to cringe and close my eyes and pretend that it’s not true! With nothing but lies and broken promises to the American people. I only find a small amount of satisfaction for the idiots that voted for him like the woman who was all Trump and thought that her illegal husband would not be deported until guess what, ICE came to their house to round him up, reminding me of the Holocaust when Jews were rounded up and sent off to concentration camps.

Another subject that just makes my blood boil is Trump’s meddling in women’s rights, Trump signed of to cut Planned Parenthood and other groups that perform abortions, according to the New York Times. The bill would allow state and local governments to withhold “federal funding  for family planning services related to contraception, sexually transmitted infections, fertility, pregnancy care, and breast and cervical cancer screening from qualified health providers — regardless of whether they also performed abortions.” Women have come so far from the days where women were dying performing abortions on themselves and yet Trump wants to go back to those times instead of giving women the freedom that they need to make the right decisions about their bodies.

Trump is such a hypocrite calling for Clinton to be jailed, yet when Michael Flynn was found to have ties with Russia, Trump defended him! Hypocrisy at it’s best! Let’s not forget Trump’s campaign chairman, Paul Manafort who resigned last year in August amid questions over his campaign role and his extensive lobbying overseas, particularly in Ukraine where he represented pro-Russian interests.

The list of all the things that Trump has done to either reverse something positive put in place by Obama or just signing executive orders without the slightest regards to those in need is too long to sit here and bitch about. For now will have to wait until the next election to get rid of this clown and HOPEFULLY those idiots that voted for him that have now seen first hand what a liar, a deceitful man and the worst speaker ever created will have a chance to redeem themselves and vote for someone worthy to run this great country and maybe then America will be Great once again!